0 thoughts on “Caffeine and Instant Coffee: What You Should Know

    1. It’s fine. And if you’re fine with it, there isn’t an issue. It’s dehydrated regular coffee. The process does impact taste and quality, but if you’re fine with it and you’re the one drinking it, yours is the only opinion that matters.

    1. I’m sure it says on the package… But if you go by the Google standard per serving, instant is 47mg, regular is 95mg, and espresso is 65 mg. These will also vary based on extraction and brew ratios, potentially kind of beans, etc. Don’t know if freeze dried is different than instant. Is a serving one tablespoon of instant? If so that’s 10 servings and similar to 5 regular cups of coffee.

    1. Producing instant coffee starts in pretty much the same way as making a cup of coffee from beans. They start with green beans, and roast them. Then they’re ground, and mixed with hot water. It’s then strained to get rid of the ground coffee. This basically gives you liquid coffee – the sort of thing that you might actually make from beans and drink. The liquid is then frozen, and the solid is ground into flakes. It’s then put into a vacuum, which drives the water off, leaving you with flakes of instant coffee which will dissolve if you add water to them.

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