0 thoughts on “Creative Uses for Coffee Grounds: From Garden to Beauty

    1. Of course they can be reused. But should you? And expect it to taste like the first go around, definitely not. But if you enjoy the taste keep on reusing my friend. I’m gonna feed them to my garden.

    1. And yes, you can totally rerun coffee or reuse teabags. The subsequent cups made from same are going to be decreasingly flavorful and caffeine-strong, but if you don’t mind the taste and do not care about being woken up, it’s not going to kill you to drink it.

    1. For used coffee grounds they’re good as green matter in compost, OR you can use them straight in the soil. If you do that, for used it doesn’t really matter where you do it or what plants you use it in. Some people say make sure it’s plants that like acidic soul but that’s really only if they’re fresh, after they’ve been used they aren’t really acidic enough to make a difference. If you use it in compost just toss it in, filter and all (be sure to maintain a 2:1 ratio of brown matter to green matter) and if you use it straight in the soil, use it mixed in with regular soil, especially in plants that need good drainage! That’s what it’s best for.

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