0 thoughts on “Does Coffee Cause Stomach Pain? Understanding the Reasons

  1. I adore coffee, but it causes intestinal upset. Is there a way to avoid this or should I just accept my fate as a tea drinker?

    1. For me, I make sure to eat a good amount first and drink at least a glass of water before and after my coffee. I also can only handle a certain amount of caffeine in a cup and per day before I get side effects. But if you’re a long time coffee drinker, you may benefit from a break from coffee/caffeine.

  2. Try to alternate between drinking black and coffee with a slight splash of whole milk. You can still enjoy the flavor with a little whole milk and it’s easier on the stomach than black coffee.

  3. Caffeine is a diuretic/stimulant partly absorbed by stomach lining, the only solution is for your body to build a bit of a tolerance.

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